Why We Care

At Nesso Business Solutions we are passionate about helping business owners. We believe that small businesses are at the heart of all communities. There are 28.8 million small businesses in the United States. These businesses employ over 56.8 million people who account for 99.7% of all business in the US (U.S. Small Business Administration). When we help a local business increase profitability the impact is distributed back into the local communities by way of taxes. In turn, these taxes benefit local police and fire departments, as well as schools.

The Problem

Only 50% of new businesses will survive after 5 years. The number one reason for failure is cash flow. Calculating cash flow is not intuitive nor easily done on spreadsheets. Mismanagement of accounts receivable and inventory can result in liquidity issues, affecting cash to operate and payroll. We help business owners identify sources and uses of cash, along with providing real-time visibility.

The Solution

Nesso Business Solutions uses technology and the latest software to make managing business easy. We help level the playing field between small business and large business.

Target Marketing - We use the latest in digital marketing techniques to bring in new customers for our clients. 

Bookkeeping - We automate the bookkeeping process to free up your time.

Office 365 - Implementing Office 365 will take collaboration to a new level.